Film camera test, pt 2

Now for the really intriguing test, the 40-year old Yashica rangefinder camera I found in a charity shop.  I’ve already decided that it’s a cracking camera, if only just to look at, so I wasn’t going to mind too much if it didn’t work.  Just in case, I used a smaller 24-exposure roll of film.


This time, it was a quick photo-walk round the center of Glenrothes.  This place is a lot less photogenic than other locations I usually go to, and the weather was a bit overcast, but still good enough for testing purposes.


So I shot my way through all 24 exposures, popped the film in for developing, and the camera still works!


Being completely manual (no batteries required) they weren’t all perfectly exposed or focussed but a few were still half-decent.  Here are four of the best.


I’m going to try this out with a roll of black and white next.  Very retro, and I hope the pictures come out just as retro.  Who needs Instagram?!?  I’m also planning to have a stab at developing my own film, but that’s a whole different post…

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