Lockdown! part 4

So lockdown didn’t ease off after all – thanks a lot, second wave.


But we’re into 2021 now, and spring is in the air. To avoid going completely mad getting out and about is still very much required. With a lovely spring day in the offing I decided to head off to a spot famous for it’s spring snowdrop gardens – the Cambo estate in the east of Fife.


All covid restrictions were adhered to, the gardens are in my local authority area so no travel breaches, and all their indoor facilities are closed – shop, cafe etc. I think it was perhaps towards the end of their snowdrop season, but all the displays were still attractive and suitably photogenic. The gardens themselves were certainly popular, but large enough to accommodate proper 2-meter gaps all round.




But it wasn’t all snowdrops. Apart from them the rest of the gardens were looking a bit flat, spring wasn’t totally sprung and proper garden maintenance hadn’t started. I think the place will be well worth a visit later in the year, just to see how grown the plant life becomes. Of course, if that tallies with an end to lockdown the gardens may well be extra busy!







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