Lockdown! part 3

Lockdown is easing off and there’s some sort of normality in the air. Well, not totally normal – ‘new normal’ is the phrase of the moment.


For some reason photography’s been somewhat on the back burner for me over this time, I admire those that are inspired to complete lockdown projects and the like, but my mind’s been elsewhere.


Thinking about it, the main reason has to be the lack of Edinburgh festivals in August this year. It’s my highlight for sure, and over the years I’ve even been taking extra time off work, specifially to spend more time on the streets.


Sadly, all cancelled this year. In fact, added to trips and holidays in general being cancelled this year, it’s perhaps no wonder that motivaton levels are low. So, in an attempt to get going in these strange times I’ve done the *last* thing that I would recommend to anyone else – I bought a new camera…


Since owning a Fuji X100 I’ve always been attracted to the whole Fuji X range of cameras. They’ve been around a while now so there’s plenty second-hand offerings available too, so I picked up an X-T2 for a reasonable sum, with a couple of lenses to boot.


The intention is still very much to stick with film for street photography but I’m keen to try other genres – like landscapes – and this is where the digital camera comes in. I think digital is undoubtedly the best medium to learn, and a good way to get familiar with a new camera at the same time. Still can’t get used to all those buttons though… are they really necessary, Fuji?


So the first proper trip out is not very far at all. Close by my home is a distinctly rural setting – farms, tracks, fields, trees – that make for very pleasant walking. Having walked round here for months now I felt it was time to document these walks with the new camera.


The idea ultimately is to try some digital printing. I’m not sure these ones would make the grade but simply getting out with a camera is the best first step I think.


In the end a successful walk, and plenty photos taken. Here’s the best of them.







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