Not a Leica

Welcome to the new camera, the Konica Hexar RF.


The Leica was a great camera, but for a variety of reasons I decided to change. I kept the lenses, and changed to one of the few other camera types that use the M-mount lens system.

Weight and build quality are very similar to the Leica M6 but the Hexar RF has a few noteable differences. Firstly, no film advance lever! Yes, fully automated film advance so spare batteries are always packed for a day on the streets.


Secondly, a slick automated film loading mechanism. This is similar to many newer film compact cameras – pull out the leader to a set point and slam the door shut. A quick buzz and the camera is good to go.


The third main difference is an auto-exposure setting for shutter speeds. Not exactly revolutionary, but a far cry from a fully manual Leica. Set to AE and let the light meter do the work.


All in all I’m finding the Hexar RF to be a terrific camera. The points described iron out all the little frustrations I had with the Leica and make me concentrate on shooting much more. Can’t help thinking it’s a shame that ‘third-party’ M-mount cameras are no longer made by anyone these days… maybe a gap in the market for someone?


Shots taken in this post are from a couple of quick sessions on Edinburgh streets in May.

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