The Logbook Solution


After the tribulations of the last blog post I have bitten the bullet and instituted a solution – a photography logbook.  Say goodbye to mix-up film confusion, I hope.  The logbook has come into it’s own for these photos, they’re spread over a couple of film types and a variety of locations and dates.


The first photo here is on a brand-new film, Ferrania P30.  It’s an ISO 80, so nice and slow, but I don’t think it’ll supplant Ilford PanF 50 for me.  The Ferrania black & white film is apparently a stop-gap until they get their colour film production up and running, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on that.  The other photos are all on Ilford HP5+, my usual go-to film for street pics.




No deep or meaningful philosophies in my logbook, just the bare technicalities get recorded.  Dates, locations, film type & speed, etc.  I’ve even pushed the boat out and started logging my negative sleeves at the same time.  I just need to remember to keep it going.




Of course hindsight is a fine thing, but I really do wish I’d done this earlier.  I’m onto folder no. 2 of negatives, and this one will be beautifully logged.  Alas folder no. 1 is a bit more random.  A quick scribble on a paper sheet is the best it gets for working out the negatives in this folder.




Can I be bothered sorting folder no. 1 out?  Not any time soon, that’s a waste of good photography time.  Maybe next winter when I’m stuck in the house…. maybe.




These photos are from the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh, over a few days in the month of March.



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