Mix n’ match


So to keep things in full working order it’s a good idea to make sure they’re used.  True for many things, including old film cameras.


Time to have a rummage through the collection, load up some film and take them for a spin. Out and about we have a Canon AE1-P, a Yashica J and a Pentax K1000.  But we have  wee bit of a problem…




Ideally I’d want to know what roll went through what camera.  That way I can see if there’s any problems brewing – light leaks, sticky shutters, failing light meters, that kind of thing.




These cameras were taken out in Edinburgh when the Christmas Fair was on in December, and round Glasgow in the same month.  This post has been put up in February, two months later. And guess who forgot to mark which film roll was which?  Yup.




To add to the confusion there’s a mix of film in here too.  Some HP5, some FP4.  Oh well, I suppose the only thing to do is to enjoy the pics… and start using a notebook next time.



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