Another taste of Glasgow


Winter’s always a bit more frustrating for street photography.  It’s not so much the weather, it’s more the lack of daylight.  Even on dry, mild days there’s only a handful of hours to spare, especially in the afternoons when most urban areas really start to get active.


So I’m full of lunch, raring to go, and the sun starts to go down about 3:30pm.  Pushing film helps to stretch things out for a while but eventually darkness descends.  And the cold.  And wet.  That’s when the pub becomes an attractive proposition.




Still, some time with the camera is still better than no time.  Managed to get round Glasgow again, on a reasonably dry day.  This is a great city for street photography, and an interesting contrast to Edinburgh.




Another enjoyable day in Glasgow, can’t wait to get back when the days are a bit longer.



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  1. FRED says:

    Really happy to see those pictures of Glasgow in such a beautiful black and white.

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