A taste of Edinburgh


Have had some Ilford PanF burning a hole in my camera bag lately, so decided to head round Edinburgh and try things a little differently.


The old town part of the city is great for black and white work, and PanF is my favourite slow black & white film.  An ISO of 50, so only for the brightest of days, and a really low level of grain.  This is my attempt to capture some of the character of the place.




This style of photography is one I’d like to do more of, and I certainly could do with more practice.  Trying to get the essence of a location through a series of photos is a lot harder than it seems, at least for me.




Used the Canon A-1 this time.  The camera’s in great condition but was suffering from the notorious “canon cough” problem, where the mechanism for the mirror loses lubrication and starts squeaking.  Nothing a bit of sewing machine oil can’t sort though, although it’s always a bit hairy taking a camera apart.




Also went for a longer focal length than I’m used to, a 100mm prime lens.  I like this lens a lot, but again it’s one I do really need to practice more on.

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