Medicine Men


The sun is shining on the recently revamped Kelvingrove Bandstand, and look who’s playing – my favourite new band, Medicine Men.


A fortunate turn of events meant I happened to be in Glasgow when I hear about the band playing a wee community festival in the west end.  I’ve been to the bandstand once before and it’s a fantastic redevelopment, modernised but with the old Victorian fixtures still in place.


So into the camera goes a roll of Kodak Ultra colour film.  It was an old roll the shop was selling off at a discount, and I’m a sucker for cheap film.


The little festival was free to get in, and very family-friendly.  This meant it was quite tough to make sure it didn’t look like the band were playing to a creche.  I’m sure the mums were quite pleased they didn’t shout “lets f*cking rock!!”.  I would have laughed.


For some fans though, it was a little loud.

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