Celestial events

Although currently in ruins, Largs has an astronomical observatory – and this one is a little bit special.  One of the oldest observatories in Scotland, the contents were ultimately  shipped out and housed in Australia’s first ever observatory.


Nicola is leading attempts to preserve and restore what’s left.  As a proper nerdy fellow I hope she succeeds.

Walls on three sides are still fairly high, with obvious openings for the doors and windows.


The front part has a curved wall where I can only presume an observation dome sat atop.  The insides are seriously overgrown.




What remains clearly shows the appealing curve at the front, facing south.


The back side, away from view, has been left rough.  A handy piece of money-saving, I think.


The smooth and crafted front hasn’t survived too well.


Perhaps one day star-gazing will return.

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  1. Keith Geddes says:

    Nice photaes Dan…..pity about the dodgy looking bird in the first one!!!

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