On occasion the thought crosses my mind that I’d love to have a bash at doing this photography thing for a living.  Then things go pear-shaped, and I come to my senses.


So I pop out to capture some action on the streets of Edinburgh.  It’s a cold winter’s day, but the sun is shining and the light is great.  I decide to grab the old Yashica film camera and take a few rolls of Ilford Pan F.


No meter on the Yashica but that’s OK.  I fancy myself as some kind of Sunny 16, fully manual ninja, so all good, right?


But my powers desert me so no, not good at all.  Out of focus, over-exposed, too-slow shutter speeds.  All in all, mostly a disaster!  OK, there’s a few interesting shots I can still post up here, but the rest are fit for nothing.  It looks like the Ilford Pan F isn’t the most forgiving film either, which doesn’t help.


Thank goodness I’m not relying on these for a fee-paying client, I’d definitely be skint.  Instead it can all go down as a good learning experience, and I did get a nice walk around Edinburgh.


These are the best of a bad bunch.  More practice required!

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