Market Day

It’s market day in Edinburgh and the shoppers are out and about in the cold autumn weather.


It’s a farmer’s market type thing, which seem to be really popular these days.  I heartily approve, sure beats getting questionable produce vacuum-packed from a supermarket.


Looks like there’s a lot of home-made craft products too, stuff like beer and jam.  Food and drink with real flavour for a change.


And a puppy, aww!  Looks a bit grumpy though.


I’ve seen these markets in a few towns around the country now.  Must be a great opportunity for these folk to make a few extra quid without getting ripped off by the big supermarkets.




This market has the skyline of Edinburgh as a lovely backdrop.  Unfortunately my lens wasn’t quite wide enough to get the castle in shot, it was a little too close by.


The market was busy too.  There was even quite a few tourists having a nose about, here’s hoping they enjoyed the local Scottish produce.


I managed to avoid buying anything today and just stuck to the photography.  I did get quite hungry though.


To finish, who wouldn’t be over the moon for a creme brulee from a camper van?!?  OK, maybe not some people…

Photos taken with the old Yashica rangefinder.  50 years old, still an amazing camera.

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