Around Oban

Time for a few days around the tourist trap of Oban, on the west coast of Scotland.  It’s a busy wee town, and very popular with visitors.


There still seems to be a bit of a fishing industry in Oban, there were quite a few boats bobbing about.  As a seafood fan for me this is a good thing.


Overlooking the town is McCaig’s Tower.  Local rich dude commissioned it to keep local stonemasons busy when their work ran dry, a fine civic gesture I think.


It’s a folly, which means it doesn’t serve any practical purpose, although it’s very prominent position makes it one of the town’s main tourist attractions.


A nice garden inside the tower leads out to a truly stunning view over the town and the water.


It certainly helped that the weather was behaving itself.  These are rare days on the west coast, that’s for sure.


I’d love to know what wealthy celebrity owns that big white yacht.


Some shots around the coast just north of Oban now.  That yacht is still anchored, above.  Below, a Calmac ferry is in the distance – apparently Oban is known as the Gateway to the Isles because of all the ferries that come and go.  I wonder if the young bloke caught anything that day?


Not sure if this small lighthouse still works, it seems to be a popular corner for folk to hang out though.


My lovely wife contemplating the view.  It’s still May, so although nice and sunny the wind was a bit chilly.


These last two photos are from further round the coast where things are a bit more sheltered.


Round here there was some cracking wee beaches which were really popular, understandably so.  Quite difficult to get a nice scenery photo without getting a person in shot.


So that’s another great break in Scotland.  When the weather’s like that who needs a foreign holiday?  Well OK, maybe once in a while!

All photos taken on Fuji Superia 200 film, with the Canon AE-1 Program.

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