Edinburgh streets, April 2014

After a great visit to St Giles’ cathedral I had time to hit the streets of Edinburgh once again.  The old arches on Market Street were temporarily used as an art and music space recently, and the only thing left is this appeal on one of the (now padlocked again) arch doors.


I agree with the sentiment.  Also, some new graffiti.


It’s only April but the place is heavy with tourists already.


Street photography is quite difficult and unique compared to other types of photography since it takes a wee bit of nerve to photograph complete strangers, even on a public street.  Edinburgh streets make it a lot easier though – everyone else seems to have a camera too, so I certainly don’t feel out of place.


The intricate outside of St Giles’ cathedral is below.




I’m not entirely sure what a Scottish drinking game is….




Shots taken with the terrific Fuji X100S.

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