A dry day in Culross

It’s January and it’s tipping down, much like it has been for most of this winter so far.  I play a wee bit of golf from time to time and it’s got one thing in common with my photography – I’m a fair weather guy.


So a bit frustrating to say the least, since I much prefer outdoors, natural light, photography.  No home studio for me, although I’ll give it a try some day for sure.


It can’t rain forever though, and I managed to get out and about one afternoon when the clouds cleared and the sun came out.  Sunset right now is about 16:30, which makes for a good target to grab some ‘golden hour’ light.


I’ve been meaning to get down to the wee village of Culross for a while now, so with the sun out I headed in that direction.  There’s some fantastic old-school cobbled streets all squashed up into a small village, although it was a bit difficult to avoid getting the wheelie bins in shot.


Black and white really suits this setting, with the narrow streets casting sharp shadows.


At the top of the hill, Culross abbey.  I’ll be back here for sure, once the sun comes back out.


So that’s me done in Culross for this afternoon.  I’m still doing my anti-rain dance, and keeping my eye on the weather forecast, for future outings.  Fingers crossed!

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