Holidays on film

Time to do some developing, I think.  So it’s out with the Canon AE-1P film camera over the Christmas holidays, in between the wind and rain of course!


First up is a visit to Dunfermline Abbey at night.  I’m trying out a roll of fast film here (ISO 3200), hence the time of night and very noisy images.


Grainy, but with black and white film I really like this effect, very old school.


Next up is another trip to Largs, also with the Canon AE-1P.  Managed to miss the storms, the sun even appeared from behind the clouds at one stage.  More usual ISO400 film loaded this time.  Below, the famous Nardini’s.


Wow, those storm-force winds must have been strong.  They blew this shopping trolley all the way from the supermarket to the burn!




The wee ferry from Largs, above.




A botanical viking.


Sunset over the Isle of Cumbrae.



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