A grave concern

Graveyards and black & white photography just seem to go together.  This appeals to me and my camera, so here’s a few pics from a couple of recent visits.


The first visit was to the Old Calton burial ground in Edinburgh.  It’s behind Waverley station, near St Andrews house.  This was a new visit for me but of course, being Edinburgh, I wasn’t alone.  These were all taken with my new Fuji camera.


I also think that they’re places full of character and life, which I know is an odd thing to say about a graveyard.  They are very individual and unique places, with plenty of stories to tell, as well as full of nature and wildlife.




Another enigmatic self-portrait, below.


The gravestone above is quite recent but it’s for a chap who died well over a hundred years ago.  Apparently there’s been a scheme where all the unmarked graves of Victoria Cross recipients get marked, and this is one of them.  The soldier in question even has his own Wikipedia page.

The next few photos are from the graveyard surrounding Dunfermline Abbey.




This time the old classic Yashica film camera got an outing.  This seems to give the pictures a more old-fashioned look, ideal for this exercise.




Maybe these photos are a few weeks too early.  How about a midnight visit on Halloween?!?

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