A bunch of black and white

I’ve had rolls of film kicking about in the AE-1P and the 1000F for a while, so I’ve been taking a mixed bag of pictures, and here’s a selection.


First up are a few from Edinburgh.  The High street is well and truly buzzing at this time of year, plenty of tourists mulling about a statue to the famous economist.


Spot the photographer?!?


A smart old chap collecting for charity in his uniform.  Like buskers, I feel it’s only right to chuck a few coins in the bucket in return for a photo.


Into the pub with some mates.  The life of a photographer – I have no idea what looks so fascinating, me and the camera are looking the other way!


A couple from Arisaig now.  Here’s some little fishing boats on the loch.


The Isle of Skye through the haze (not fog or rain, amazingly)


Finally, a self-portrait.

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