Film in colour, part 2

It’s summer and the sun is shining, where better to find some splashes of colour than public parks and botanic gardens.  First up are a couple of pics from Pittencreiff park in Dunfermline.  There are some cracking hanging baskets around the hot house, here are a few.


Can’t remember what this building is all about, but the orange outer walls are striking in the sunshine.


Next is a short visit to the botanic gardens in Edinburgh.  These gardens are a bit of a hidden gem, they’re surprisingly large with loads of photo opportunities.  The hot houses have an entry fee, but the outdoor gardens are free to wander around it.  I would definitely recommend a visit.










So that’s it for colour film photography for a while.  I’m really pleased with the results, and the AE-1P was great fun to use as well.  I might end up grabbing some more rolls of colour after this, but I’ll need to check the wallet first…

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