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Dan develops film

Getting 35mm film developed can be an expensive business – my local shop charges about five quid a roll for developing and a CD of scanned images.  Not too bad, but the cost soon mounts up after a few rolls.  The local shop developed the last lot for me, the results of which can be seen here and here, but now I’ve got a bulk 10-roll pack of black and white film it’s time to save cash and develop my own.

Never done this before, but I’m always keen to give it a bash!  OK, first up is the necessary chemicals.



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Film camera test, pt 2

Now for the really intriguing test, the 40-year old Yashica rangefinder camera I found in a charity shop.  I’ve already decided that it’s a cracking camera, if only just to look at, so I wasn’t going to mind too much if it didn’t work.  Just in case, I used a smaller 24-exposure roll of film.



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